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The Cursed Countess

How many husbands must die before the gossips say it’s a curse? In Lady Tessa Stanhope’s case, three husbands in five years has set tongues wagging. So when she attracts the attention of the handsome and mysterious Jack Raynerson, she is torn between desire for him and the yearning to keep him safe. But Jack is making it clear that he’s more interested in her than the curse.

Is she truly unlucky or the killer they say she is? Tessa’s stepson hires Jack to investigate the suspicious death of his father, her third husband. To gather evidence against her, Jack decides he must get closer to her. While he remains unsure of her guilt or innocence, he is certain of one thing…he wants her.

Just when Jack decides Tessa cannot possibly be guilty, there is another death. Can he believe in her innocence and her love? Or will he be her next victim?

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The Cursed Countess is book 1 in The Daring Drake Sisters Series. Books 2 and 3 will be coming in the the few months. Check back for more details.

More than just romance and seeking love. This...... review gif

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